OstroVit Caffeine 200mg


Coffee bean
High caffeine content
200 mg per tablet


OstroVit Caffeine 200mg

OstroVit Caffeine 200mg is the highest-quality dietary supplement containing caffeine. The product was created for all people who need stimulation. The product is especially recommended for athletes, drivers and people who need additional energy injection during study or work. One tablet contains 200 mg of pure caffeine.

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Caffeine – how it works?

This substance is valued because of its stimulating effect. Caffeine works by stimulating the central nervous system, increasing concentration and improving mood. What’s more, caffeine accelerates heart activity, increases the strength of its contraction and increases the metabolic rate. Caffeine has stimulant properties by acting on the cerebral cortex. It reduces fatigue and weariness and extends the time of concentration and better focus.

Properties of the ingredients contained in OstroVit Caffeine:

  • Help to speed up the metabolism
  • Stimulate, add energy
  • Support the reduction of excessive body fat
  • Help to increase mental functions
  • Delay physical and mental fatigue during training

OstroVit Caffeine 200mg – what are its properties and who can consume it?

Caffeine in the form of a dietary supplement can lead to accelerated metabolism, support fat burning or more efficient mental work. Do you want to know all the properties of caffeine and find out who should be consuming it? Check out our video!

Take 1 serving (1 tablet) a day before training.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Do not use the product as a substitute (replacement) for a varied diet. Recommended are balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Do not ingest if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Children, pregnant or nursing woman must not take the product. Keep out of the reach of children.

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